Costs of the mission trip are an estimate! 

The cost will be determined and given in two separate ways – 

1. The estimated conventional cost of the flight to the Host Country from the town of origin and 

2. The costs of onsite accommodation, transportation, meals, supplies, translators and other miscellaneous costs of running the mission. 

So total cost is the two items added together and will vary according to the amount the flight costs the individual. 

Hotels, Motels, and accommodations

Mission Trip organizers will pick and organize living accommodation both for the final destination AND any interim accommodation needed to and from the mission field- this is necessary on most long distance journeys. Choice of sharing rooms or having a private room (additional cost) will be offered IF there are enough rooms available – married couples will be given first sharing options – all missionaries are asked to remain “flexible” to the needs of each mission venue.

A) The costs of the accommodation needed for the mission will be a part of the total costs needed to be raised by each participant (in most cases)

B) Accommodations will be considered and chosen …

    1. For location and convenience for the mission field/purpose

   2. For Cleanliness

   3. For Economics

   4. Internet availability

   5. For convenience to Transportation (if necessary)

C) In some cases, accommodation is offered on the mission field itself.


  • Booking flights to a foreign country will be the responsibility of the individual participant (in most cases) in order to facilitate the individual’s ability to get cheaper flights or for them to be able to use their “flight miles” or other travel benefits.
  • The leaders of the mission will book their flights and publish them to the other team members at least 3 months prior to the mission trip date so that the other team members can book on the same flights and travel with team members if they so choose. 

Ground Transportation

Upon Arrival

  • Taxi's are readily available.  Transportation to your hotel should run between 200 to 500 baht

In and Around Town

  • There are 3 primary methods of travel; walking, taxi's, TukTuk

To the Mission Site 

  • The mission team will rent a vehicle(s) and drive you from our staging point to the motel near the mission site.
  • The mission team rental vehicle will take you back and forth at the prescribed times on our agenda.

Travel Insurance

Group travel insurance will be offered for the mission trip dates and included in the total trip cost (when possible) – a copy of the travel itinerary together with accommodation addresses and contact information will be completed by the Team leader and given to the team in order to pass onto their family.

Vacation time before or after?

In the event that a participant chooses to pursue an additional trip/vacation/visit to family or friends in the area of the world they are travelling to, either prior to or after the mission trips dates, the additional costs will be entirely the responsibility of the participant. 


Always remain flexible. Any plans for your mission trip may need to be adjusted, changed or totally scrubbed! God is in charge!