Spiritual and Mental preparation

Personal Virtues to Practice



It is essential that you show patience at all times

1. With fellow missionaries who may not have the same habits, political beliefs, eating etiquette, dress code, etc.etc. We are all different - so try and concentrate on what makes us the same – our love of Christ!

2. With the folk we are ministering to. Most of our foreign mission fields will involve people of a different ethnic background and culture. 

3. The country we are visiting and any we pass thru! We are ambassadors for Christ and for our Country!

Willingness to be flexible – at all times! This is the #1 criteria of a good missionary – plans and itinerary change constantly while on short term missions, so be prepared to get over it and get on with it – it’s all part of the fun and challenge!

Commitment – It is most important to be fully committed to making the trip the most successful possible – this is done by:

1. Attending all the meetings that are scheduled for you prior to the trip

2. Attending and working at the fund raising events organized by the team

3. Making sure that all your scheduled payments are made & on time.

4. That you respond to all emails, texts and phone messages regarding the mission ASAP.

5. That you make sure your personal time line is kept and that you have all the necessary documentation completed and given to the trip organizer; and that you have all the necessary items and documentation that you need personally ie. Passport, medical records, medicines, money, driving license etc.etc.

6. Be ready to reach out and to help at all the times!

Consideration for others

We all have needs, we all get hungry, we all feel the heat and the cold, we all have preferences – try to focus and concentrate on the needs of others 

Willingness to pray - at all times

One of the greatest joys in missions is to be thrown into the midst of non-Christians and being given the opportunity of praying with and for them! Few people turn down the opportunity of having someone pray for them – even the non-Christian! The other joy is to be joined together with other Christian brothers and sisters from a different country and culture under the umbrella of prayer.

Humility – it’s NOT about you! 

Humility is one of the greatest challenges for us all, especially coming from a western nation that encourages you to sing your own praises, speak your own mind and “do” your own “thing”! The Lord has led us on missions for a purpose – HIS purpose (not ours)!